In early February, Doug went to one of the county shelters to pick up a dog who needed medical attention. (Yes, we took that dog who has now been adopted – Dahlia.) During that visit, he noticed another dog who was extremely emaciated. A couple of days went by and we couldn’t get her off our minds, so off Doug went to pick her up. This girl, although her skeleton body cleared showed she had been let down by humans, was just one of the happiest and friendliest babies ever – she knew Doug was there to save her. Aurora joined the Satchel’s family. We shared a picture of Aurora with a family at one of our off-site adoption events and they immediately fell in love with her. We needed to put some weight on Aurora before she could be spayed and adopted but the family were patient coming to visit her every week. It didn’t take too long – just 2 months – as Aurora ate several meals a day and we watched her get stronger and stronger. Last Saturday, this precious young girl was able to start the rest of her life with her new family.
Please remember Satchel’s during the Giving Challenge April 28-29, noon to noon, so we can continue to save these precious lives.