Bernie was recently invited to Alta Vista Elementary School for the reading of Kristi Geib’s book, “The Midnight Party at Satchel’s Last Resort”. The principal read the book aloud with Bernie sitting so nicely beside her. It was a live reading that was broadcasted into every classroom. Woof pack leader, Gail, accompanied Bernie and could not have been more proud of him. Volunteer, Lisa Lampel was instrumental with getting this set up and reported, “Everyone said Bernie was super cute, super cool and well behaved”. They are also doing a coin drive to support Satchel’s and the summer school staff approached Gail about inviting Satchel’s back for their summer program. Maybe Bernie needs a talent agent!

Principal petting Bernie, book in hand. Gail by their side. Gail with Bernie on leash standing outside Alta VIsta Elementary School. Principal holding up the Midnight Party book. Gail and Bernie by her side. Midnight Party on screen behind. Principal sitting in a chair, book in hand, petting Bernie.