A recent update from Michal Anne, our Director of Operations.
“Everyone is okay. All of our animals are okay. Only minor damages.”
We also have a great deal of land flooding, some tree debris, and some minor fence damage.
A special thank you to our Animal Care Supervisor, Lacie, who hunkered down at Satchel’s during the storm to provide needs and comfort to our animals.
Thank you to everyone who has said prayers for the safety of our animals during this hurricane. We were blessed yet again!
Although we don’t appear to have sustained any major damage, there will be costs associated with the fixes. If you would like to donate to help, please do so through https://flanzertrust.org/make-a-donation/ to have your donation doubled. Remember to indicate Satchels as your charity of choice.
Hope everyone stayed safe and is ready to start cleanup!
Flooding on the back property. Broken trellis on the cat room entrance. Damaged sided hanging on the side of the building.