He has dashing good looks, and the heart of a gentleman. Ace is a handsome three-year-old Shepherd/ Malinois mix, with a brilliant smile and smart brown eyes. He loves to play out in the yards with our volunteers, though we are still figuring out fetch the ball. He is very intelligent, knowing basic commands and eager to learn something new, treats are always welcomed. He walks very well on leash, though can get a little nervous when getting too far from home base, so encouraging words are required to help him go the distance. We are
hoping to introduce him to some canine buddies, since he has shown a liking to some of our other pups. He also did well around one of our cats. Ace loves to sit with people and always enjoys a good ear scratch. He enjoys toys of every kind, and loves shaking them as hard as he can. This lovable, playful, hard working boy would love to find his forever home with people that can match his energy.
Submit an adoption application (no commitment) found on our website, www.satchelslastresort.org and get an appointment to come by Satchel’s Last Resort and see if this handsome guy is the right one for you!
Ace sitting on the grass. Ace laying on the grass.