There has never been so many dogs and cats being surrendered by their owners. From puppies through seniors. Many of these pets could go into foster homes and receive love and training if needed.
We need YOU to help us save more animals.
Here’s 3 young dogs, aged 4 to 10 months, currently on our surrender waitlist. We receive 10-20 requests every week. Please consider fostering. We provide everything you need and ask that you bring the dogs to our off-site events or drop off at the shelter on the day of an event and we’ll find a volunteer to handle the dog for the event.
Fostering is so rewarding.
To learn more about our foster program and/or to submit the application to become a foster home, visit…/volunteer/foster-family/.
In order
Misty Mae, female, 10 months old.
Myla, female, 4 months old.
Snoop Dog, male, 8 months old.
Misty Mae, female, 10 months old. Laying on the floor with a stuffie. Myla, 4 months old. Sitting outside. Snoop Dog, 8 months. Standing on the lanai.