Many of you may recognize Marley. Marley came to Satchel’s as a young boy with his canine sibling “Ziggy” many years ago. Marley lost his best mate Ziggy a couple of years ago but found a new best friend in a member of our staff team, Jen. Jen has been unable to adopt Marley due to her living arrangements, but she knew the day was drawing near when she could make that happen for this senior boy. However, this was not the picture she had in her mind of the day she would take Marley home. On Friday, Marley was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. A very aggressive bone cancer which has metastasized in his lungs. At this point, all we can do for Marley is keep him comfortable for his remaining time with us. Yesterday, Jen took him home so he can be loved in a home of his own for his final weeks or possibly months.
Hemp Oil 1700 has helped other dogs find relief from pain. Today we are looking for a sponsor for Marley – someone who will provide him with this CBD oil as long as he chooses to stay with us. Thank you all for your support of Satchel’s, helping to provide for our dogs and cats in need.