The “tail” of Marley & Ziggy…….two dogs that came in together 6 years ago. These two very bonded boys love being together for everything. They live together in one kennel, walk together, yard time together, car rides together, so everything always together for 6 years, probably longer. Last week we noticed Ziggy had a growth in his mouth so we needed a vet visit, where it was decided that the growth needed to be removed. When the day came for surgery Ziggy was happy to go for a ride but Marley was quite concerned when he was left behind. Ziggy needed to spend the night at the clinic. When we brought him home the next day, as we walked into the kennel, I could see Marley watching and getting so excited, dancing, tail wagging to see his “brother” again. We are waiting for the biopsy to come back, so hoping this growth is nothing and it is gone forever. Sadly, that is not usually the case with mouth tumors. We shall see. In the meantime we really could use come soft dog treats for Ziggy as he recovers from the surgery. If you think of it, please pick up a snack at the store or you can order from our Amazon Wish List. And yes, we are going to give Marley some too ♥