Satchel’s Last Resort, a true “no kill” Animal Shelter from the air! A dream turned into reality by Page & Michael, our founders, where dogs and cats that have no where else to go can come to be loved, nurtured, treated for medical and/or behavior issues; to enjoy life as they await their forever home. Come join us and be part of the solution for homeless pets.


Hi Mark! Walking with Dolce, next to our memorial garden. Thank you so much for making this day happen for Satchel’s Last Resort; from the Air no less. The flight was absolutely fantastic! I am so lucky to be a part of Satchel’s great team.


Here is Jean Faulk playing in the yard with Sparky and Lucy today as I flew overhead. Jean was instrumental in working with Mark, both through financial contributions and physically digging in the dirt to give Satchel’s our new parking, landscaping and paw print face lift. You guys rock!


“A tired dog is a good dog” is something I am always saying. Here is Jess taking Jeter for a run today. Jess is always working hard to keep our “active” kids on the move. You should see the way their whole face perks up when she walks in the kennel. They know it is running time.


Here is our signature paw print entrance! You really have to stop by in person to see what a fabulous design this is. Thank you Mark for everything you do for Satchel’s. We are honored to have you on our team.