(told by Hershey the lab mix)………..Oh my, Saturday when Peanut and I were crossing Bee Ridge Road she had a terrible accident and was hit by a car. I was so scared and Peanut was very seriously hurt. All of a sudden people stopped and they came to help, they stopped during their busy day and comforted me (kept me safe) and they helped Peanut, she received outstanding medical care right on the side of the road by a veterinarian driving by!. Sarasota Sheriff’s Office Animal Services was called and we were transported to Sarasota Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center for top notch veterinary care where they worked to save Peanut’s life. (I got a good checkup) Who knew you could get such great care in Sarasota from total strangers? Not me! I was not hurt just really scared and hot. Peanut cannot walk due to a fractured pelvis and has possible head injuries. I didn’t know what to do but, all these nice people knew what to do and they did exactly the right thing, just what we needed, so we can recover from this horrible accident. Peanut was transferred to Bay Road Animal Hospital on Monday morning as she is still not able to walk, and needs doctor’s care. I went to Animal Services to wait for my family to come. (Its a law that they hold us here for 5 days or 7 days with identification (tag on collar or microchip) so my family knows where to look when we are not home) I didn’t know that either. A very busy Kristen called Satchels to see if they could help Peanut with her ongoing medical care so they rushed to pick her up and bring her to Beach Veterinary Clinic yesterday for more doctor’s care. Yep, this is scary. Now what about me? Well, Animal Services does testing, vaccinations and spay/neuters to make sure every animal adopted will be healthy and ready for their new family. My test said I am heartworm positive, which I hear is not a good thing. Soooooo Kristen called Satchels again and told them about me. I heard her say, “I know your full and so many animals need help but I just wanted you to know about Peanut’s friend Hershey”……..Kristen has a good way to say those things cause Satchels came today to meet me and I got “a freedom ride”!!!!! Yes sir, this week has been really awful but we were very lucky that so many people in this town called Sarasota, who came together just to help a couple of lost dogs find their way to safety and then a new life ♥ I don’t know how you all do it but you do a really amazing job working together – Thank You so much Everyone – we love you, Hershey..(and Peanut) PS: I overheard them say as soon as we are healthy we going to find a new family to love. Tell all your friends please…..we are looking for someone really special ♥