Welcome Lincoln!

Little Lincoln showed up on someone’s doorstep, with a minor injury to his hind leg that was in need of attention, as if he was asking for help. Satchel’s heard about this kitty and immediately got him to the vet to have his wound treated. This sweet natured kitty went into a foster home and his foster mom reports that his loving personality comes out more everyday. Lincoln loves to be pet and will curl up and sleep on his person’s chest. He is a little afraid of loud noises, likely due to his being outside fending for himself. Although he is not aggressive toward other cats, he is wary at first. Lincoln has never been taught how to play but is learning in his foster home. He enjoys treats and loves catnip! Lincoln is guessed to be 6-9 months old and is now fully healed, neutered, vacciinated and ready to find his loving, forever home.