Vegas finds his forever home





Remember Vegas, the 15 week old puppy we took in last month? He had been turned into Sarasota County Animal Control as a stray and no one claimed him. So many puppies are given as Christmas gifts and often it doesn’t work out and they end up at a shelter. We don’t know if that’s the case for Vegas but the timing is suspicious. We were able to find an immediate foster and Vegas became a part of the Satchel’s family. He is such a handsome boy that it didn’t take long for someone special to happen by and fall in love. Donna was visiting a friend in the area and was adamant this young lad was meant to be hers. Vegas had come to Satchel’s with a respiratory illness but that had now run its course, so off to the vet for neutering and a few days later he found himself on his first plane ride with his new mom. Looks like mom’s been shopping for a wardrobe for who is now Bruno. Congratulations Donna and Bruno!