Update on Misty and Ralph in their foster home!

A few months back when Ralph was diagnosed with cancer, we started the search for a foster home for Ralph and his canine sister, Misty. A home filled with love for the remaining time Ralph would be with us – weeks, months, no one can predict. Along came Joanne and her wonderful family looking to foster a dog in need. When they heard Ralph’s story they knew they could be the ones to fill his life with joy. We all talked about how the family, especially the children, would handle the passing of Ralph when the time came. Everyone knows the time will come and it will be extremely heartbreaking but the joy they bring to this beautiful pair every day will far outweigh the sadness. When Ralph’s time on this earth comes to an end and the initial grieving period is over, they will all be able to share in the knowledge that Ralph lived longer and enjoyed life so much more because of them. Because they opened up their hearts and their home, Ralph won’t have to die in a shelter.
Yes it’s hard, but please consider becoming a hospice foster when a dog or cat needs you.