There really was a Satchel!

There really was a Satchel and he would be 32 years old today.
Like every dog, he was the best dog ever. He was a big part of Satchel’s Last Resort’s beginning – tolerating the craziness that defines a shelter’s first few years. Or, at least a shelter like Satchel’s that wasn’t planned, but grew filling a need.
Thank you to everyone who’s been on this journey with us since the beginning and to those who joined along the way. It’s really all of you we’re celebrating this Satchel’s Giving Day for accepting and living our mission of helping those dogs and cats with nowhere else to go. Join us for our virtual celebration today on FB as the birthday fun continues for our shelter dogs and cats!
And donate today at…/138100… or have your donation doubled through the Flanzer Trust identifying Satchel’s as your charity of choice.