Here is an e-mail we received from Tank’s new family:

We just wanted to give you an update on Tank. He has really become one of the family members. I feel like I have gained a son rather than a dog. He is such a good boy. The kids really enjoy him. He plays ball with the boys and Kyler has started playing frisbee with him.

I am sending you some photos of Tank. One is when he jumped in the shower with the boys. This now happens almost every night. He thinks that if they get to play in the water, he should also be able to. He gives us as much attention as we give him, except outside where he likes to explore. When I say lets go night-night, he jumps right in bed and has to give kisses before he makes it to the foot of the bed (he has decided that that is his spot and I don’t mind).

Thanks again, you made us very happy with our new dog, Tank, or should I say my new son.