RIP Sweet Fiona!

“Cancer.” “An inoperable tumor.” “Just a few short months to live.” As many of our dogs get older, we are hearing that news more and more and every time those words are spoken to us our hearts sink and the tears flow. Last spring we received that unfortunate news about our long-time resident Fiona. Fiona joined the Satchel’s family in 2012, a girl who knew her own mind and loved unconditionally the people she chose to love. Fiona quckly found her circle of family and special friends at Satchel’s and enjoyed a loving, long and full life until the day she left us. After letting us know last week that she was nearing the end of her life here on earth, her family and friends rallied and make sure every day was filled with love – car rides, homes visits, park visits, everything this girl enjoyed in life. Yesterday we helped Fiona cross the rainbow bridge in a volunteer home with people she loved holding her hand. Below is a tribute from our Animal Care Supervisor, Lacie.
“We are all deeply saddened with the passing of our Princess Fiona. She has always been a very special spirit with all who have walked through Satchel’s doors. Whether she loved you with all her heart, giving kisses, playing and cuddling, or if she was letting you know you were not her cup of tea, all adored her. She was a pure vision of life, and truly loved every day with an excitement we all wish for. Car rides, rolling in the grass, digging holes all over, and squeaky toys were Fiona’s holy grail, along with treats. A beautiful soul with a huge passion for life and all it could offer, Fiona will be greatly missed by every heart that knew her. We love you, and you will always be an inspiration to all of us to live life with a smile.”
Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who showed so much love to Fiona. RIP sweet girl. You will be missed.