Our Miracle Dog Arthur goes home!

Many of you have likely followed Arthur’s story over the past year. A true testiment to Satchel’s belief that all dogs and cats deserve a chance at life. Thank you to everyone who has given so generously to Satchel’s Giving Day. Your donations today will go towards our medical fund to continue to help dogs with varying degrees of medical needs. Here’s a few words from Page, Arthur’s foster mom.
MY Arthur, my miracle boy.
I was afraid that we would never find adopters who really understood that every deliberate movement Arthur makes is a miracle. Born with no cerebellum, he supposedly has no control over his fine motor movements. Dr Levine, the area’s leading neurologist told us after seeing Arthur’s MRI, that there was nothing he could do for him but that the brain is amazing and we should simply do as many activities as possible with Arthur because, who knows?
So, I did, and now Arthur can sit up; he can swim and he can walk, albeit a bit clumsily, in a wheelchair. He loves to play ball. He’s a cuddler and I just know one day he’ll walk on his own.
Last month, we received an email from a young couple interested in adopting a special needs dog. They met my boy. Arthur. We talked; they seemed very kind, but I was torn. Then, Alexz told me that she rehabs her friends’ fish when they go belly up. – that did it for me.
Look at Arthur now! Living life as the center of their world – he watches movies sitting between them on the couch, they take him to pet stores, and the dog park.
Be sure to watch the video (posted separately) of Arthur at the beach and look at THEIR boy go. They, too, know he’ll walk on his own one day.
I’m not crying….
Fostering – this miracle boy is alive because of it.
Thank you so much to Cesar and Alexz for adopting Arthur and for seriously incorporating him into you lives. Congratulations to you all!