Our long-timer Nicky finds a home!

Nicky came to Satchel’s 7 years ago. Rescued off the streets, a young kitty trying to fend for himself. Being extremely feral, Nicky hid for many months but as time went on, Nicky started watching from a distance, noticing all the love and attention the other cats were receiving from staff and volunteers. Thinking he might be missing something good, he decided to come out into the open to hang out on a bed and receive some of the attention for himself. He soon became comfortable and happy, knowing he was safe and loved here at the shelter. Not wanting to have Nicky make another change in his life, we didn’t look for a family home for him. Satchel’s was his home and he was thriving. As the years went by, Nicky started seeking more attention from from volunteers and staff and we decided it might be the right time to see if he could adjust to a new home. Susan and Cat met Nicky and immediately made a connection. Nicky has been in his new home with his new family, which includes canine and feline siblings, for two weeks now and is adjusting well. Will this be Nicky’s forever home for the many years he has left? We sure hope so. Thank you so much to Susan and her family for giving our special boy Nicky the chance he deserves.

Nicky on the lap of his new parents.