Our latest Woof Pack member is Kya.

Kya came to Satchel’s in late November. Angry and hurt at finding herself in a shelter environment she has been hard to approach making it difficult for volunteers to spend time with her. A perfect girl to go into our Woof Pack program with leader Quentin. It’s been a couple of weeks since Quentin has been spending that extra time with Kya, getting her off property and helping her face her fears. The first few van rides, she sat at the back of the back looking away. This past weekend she was trying to figure out how to get through that netting so she could ride shot gun with Quentin and, although hesitant, she got out of the van and watched that store door magically opening and closing. A small but huge advancement for this special girl. It takes time to rehabilitate these dogs that need the extra reassurance but Satchel’s has amazing staff and volunteers who work at it every day.

Kya's nose squished through the netting blocking the front sea. Kya heading off for a walk with her Woof Pack leader. Kya on alert staring att he automatic door opening and closing at a store.