Oreo is a beautiful, dignified tuxedo kitty.

She was rescued from a small tool shed, along with her 5 babies. She was an extremely nurturing mother to her kittens. We didn’t know what her personality would be like. But, we soon discovered how sweet and gentle she is! She also showed us her incredible intelligence. She seems to understand what we say! And she is so responsive to a simple reprimand; from sitting down and watching us go in and out the door when we tell her to stay, even though she would probably like to go out, to staying off the counter after telling her just once to get down. She tends to prefer a low private place to retreat. But, she doesn’t hide from visitors. Now, that she is spayed and free of mothering duty, we are excited for her chance to be a house kitty. She is still very young, only about a year old. She’s practically still a kitten herself! Her emerging personality is playful, loyal, and affectionate, a wonderful companion cat.