Niebla Is such a handsome, fluffy boy.

Niebla Is such a handsome, fluffy boy. He’s very affectionate. He will be at his mom’s feet asking to be held as soon as she gets home. Throughout the day he will frequently ask to be held or just hang out at his people’s feet rubbing their ankles. And likes to be carried around the house. Whoever picks him up and holds him is rewarded with snuggles and purrs. His favorite place to fall asleep is next to or against his person. He can be a bit possessive of treats with his sisters but overall gets along very well with others. He may deal with anxiety if left alone too much so his ideal home would be one where he either has fur siblings at home with him or his people are home most of the time.
Niebla is 11 weeks old and is looking for a foster-to-adopt home until he is old enough to have his rabies vaccine.
Niebla is the lower kitty in the picture here, shown with is sister Peluche.