NALA - Standing Front 443x640
Terrier/Lab Mix / Female / November 1997 – August 13, 2011

Sweet, little Nala was the son’s dog. Mom and dad split up; the son went to college and Nala ended up with dad. Dad died suddenly and Nala found herself living with mom, who had never wanted the dog. Mom called us and once we saw Nala, we knew she was to be one of ours. She is a strange looking, totally smell-obsessed little dog, but she sneaks her way into your heart.
One thing we remember about Nala is that she hated getting her paws wet and when you took her out in the morning she would walk like she was on pins and needles but she loved going into lakes and ponds. She also barked and then pounced on the Osprey feathers that would drop on the ground. These memories still make us smile.