Midnight leaves the building!


Midnight is heading to her new forever home! This girl has been through a few homes but something tells me this is going to be her last. About 18 months ago, a good hearted citizen found Midnight roaming the streets alone and afraid and, when no owner was found, he took this girl in and gave her a loving home. Well, unfortunately the story doesn’t end there for Midnight as service called and her new companion was deployed on short notice. Someone was looking out for Midnight as the timing was perfect for her getting admitted into Satchel’s. We were about to free up a kennel from an adoption but had already committed to taking in another dog. That transfer fell through so we would have a kennel available in a few days. Thank you to Jennifer Hummel from Ace Pet Resort who provided free boarding to Midnight until our kennel became available. We love our community support! All the best to Midnight in her new home.