Sparkles and Socks had a rough start to life but are now happy, healthy and ready to find their forever home. Despite whatever happened in his first year of life, Socks is so confident and happy! His snuggles and purrs will warm your heart! Sparkles is a little unsure yet but gaining confidence every day! She is such a sweet and gentle soul with the cutest little meow and softest purr! When they first arrived at Satchel’s and went into a foster home, her eyes were just so sad looking but now her foster mom is seeing the sparkle coming back! Now that they are feeling better and have discovered the toys it is playtime, all the time! Sparkles especially loves balls and likes to pick them up in her mouth and carry them around. Socks loves catnip… Anything catnip! These guys are definitely a bonded pair and are never far from one another! Socks is such a good big brother and is always grooming his sister! A testiment from their foster mom – “I have to say these are the best cats that I have ever fostered! So sweet and well behaved! All they want is to be by you!”.
For an appointment to meet Sparkles and Socks, please submit the adoption application (no commitment) and an adoption counselor will be in touch.