Lula Adoption Follow UP!

Happy Landings for Lula – adoption follow up – thank you Judy.
Lulu had a rough life before coming to Satchels; spending all of her time in a very small room alone with no one and nothing to do. She had tons of energy when she came to Satche’ls and needed a family who would be able to give her the time and exercise she needed. Heather and Calvin had been looking for a dog to adopt since the passing of their 13 year old American Bulldog and saw her picture on line. It has been about 10 weeks now since her adoption and Lulu has made major progress. They have worked with a trainer to help with the extreme pulling on leash and she has successfully been trained to walk with a gentle leader. Lulu has gained weight and is doing fantastic in her new home; getting along great with the two boys, ages two and six. She has a fenced in yard, loves to play “fetch”, swim in the pool and take long walks. After all this great exercise, Lulu settles in nicely for her afternoon snooze when the two year old goes down for his nap. Heather says that Lulu is a wonderful dog and just needed “a little help” to show her true colors. Lulu is very lucky to have found a family who had the time, patience, understanding and love to give her a chance to become a well adjusted and happy girl!