This handsome 3 year-old Treeing Walker Hound mix is 51 pounds of puppy! He is a very energetic boy who craves attention and companionship. He may greet you with an enthusiastic fully body wiggle or he may show you his pearly whites with a goofy smile. After an initial excited greeting, Rocket settles quickly into wanting to sit as close to you as possible. He is a “leaner” and will lean into his person for pats and back scratches. Rocket may not have had a lot of training in his previous life, but we can tell that he is quickly learning important skills in the short time we have had him at Satchel’s. In fact, he is very smart and has already mastered basic commands such as “sit” and “down”. Puppy Obedience training will be a must for Rocket, and he may also really shine as an agility dog! If you would like to meet Rocket, please fill out an adoption application (no obligation) online at andan adoption counselor will get in touch with you.