Kiki-BeachHello!! I thought I’d send you all an update on my wonderful new life since being adopted this December. Included are a few pictures of me, during our New Years celebration I couldn’t help but stretch out on my favorite chair. I made myself right at home the second I arrived and have even proven myself very trustworthy to be left outside of my crate if I am ever home alone. Although I tried my hardest to be easy going there was one challenge since moving in… you see, we live on the second floor and I am just so afraid of stairs that I made Mom and Dad ride the elevator up and down with me for the first month. Just last week I finally got up the courage and braved the stairs; now I am a champ and wonder what I was ever afraid of in the first place! I have a ton of new toys to play with and not one but two fluffy dog beds to curl up on and nap, although nothing beats cuddling with my Mom and Dad on the couch. Mom and Dad say I am the best cuddler. I guess I am a pretty affectionate dog to say the least, they say I am the sweetest dog they have ever known.

I am also a wonderful companion, I love to follow Mommy around the kitchen as she cooks, she calls me her “sous chef” and I keep Dad company while he reads his law school books. I won’t let either of my parents leave the room without following by their side. I still am just as playful as always and make my parents laugh every single day. On weekdays I go for long walks and runs and on weekends we make day trips to the beach and park. Because of my obsession with chasing squirrels I can’t be trusted not to take off, so Mom and Dad keep me on a loonnngggg leash at the park so I can still run around, fetch and sniff trees (I can’t blame them for not wanting to lose me). I loved the beach so much I tried to jump right in and swim out to the seagulls. Dad and I play hide and seek in the house, I am a pretty good seeker, and when I am really tired I will stretch out on my back for a good belly rub.

I have met many new dogs in my apartment complex and especially like a black lab named Penny, but I will always love my best friend Penny from Satchels the most, please tell her I say Hi! I am a very happy dog. Mom and Dad say that I know how lucky I am and that I don’t take anything for granted; they are right! I just want to tell all of you at Satchels I am so grateful for all you have done for me, thank you for taking me in and getting me ready for my forever home, I will never forget your kindness.

Love, Kiki