Jiggy & Queen Anne

Queen Anne formally known as Gracie

Hi everyone at Satchel’s!!

We just wanted to send you some pics of Jiggy and Gracie (renamed Queen Anne) They are doing wonderful and we tell everyone about you guys. We are so blessed with these wonderful dogs. Queen Anne is like a different dog than when we first got her. You wouldn’t believe it! She isn’t shy anymore, that’s for sure. She and Jiggy are like peas and carrots. They get along so well. They bring us so much joy, none of which would be possible without you guys. You are the best.

QueenAnne-Heather 640x445

Jiggy-Heather 640x427

When we get ready to adopt again, you can be sure that you will see us again. Queen Anne is very regal. She is my shadow, follows me all around the house. She gives so much love out and in the past 3 months, she has made crazy progress. She jumps up on the couch and squirms her way into little spaces to get love from us. She sits on top of Jiggy to get to us, much to Jiggy’s chagrin. 🙂

Jiggy-Dad 640x480

Jiggy is living the high life. He has his own room, with his own big red chair and we spoil the heck out of them. We take them on walking trails at Emerson Point and I walk them down by the river everyday. They love their fenced in backyard and they love to visit my Mom and Stepdad and their doggie. We take them for rides in the car, which they love. Jiggy likes to stick his nose out the window, Queen Anne just sits very regally and sniffs the air when it comes to her. hee hee!!! They are our children and we can’t thank you enough for bringing them into our lives. Have a wonderful summer!

Heather and Eric

Proud adoptive parents of Jiggy and Queen Anne

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