Host an April Showers Fundraiser!!

For April we are running a special campaign to help us raise $50k to repair the roof on our main kennel before it rains ‘cats and dogs’ this summer.

Why do we need this now?

  • The kennel roof is in critical condition; repairing it now will extend its life.
  • The roof keeps our 50+ rescued dogs and 20+ rescued cats safe and dry
  • When repaired, the roof will keep them cooler by lowering inside temperature about 10 degrees!
  • The new roof covering is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and has a 10-year warranty
  • The cost is $50K, but the benefits are so much more.
  • Below are three different invitations for your very own April Showers Party!
  • Download your favorite and invite your friends, your work crew, the members of your book club or a bunch of folks you’ve always wanted to get to know better to whatever kind of party you want during the first two weeks of April.

Any amount donated helps!

Also below is a form to keep track of donors so we can send them a thank you and a tax receipt.

For Satchel’s animals, please help us make this roof repair happen.
Email any questions to