Handsome Harry



It’s me Handsome Harry!!! I know it has been a few months since we talked (three whole months my mom keeps telling me with a big smile!) so I thought I should let you know what I have been up to and boy have I got a lot to tell you! At first I wasn’t sure where exactly I was supposed to go potty, and my parents seemed to disapprove of the kitchen corner that I thought looked like a good place. Since they gave me so many kisses and treats when I went outside, I figured that was probably the right place, and after the first few weeks of “experimenting” back and forth, and several boxes of treats, we have had a clean kitchen for two months!

Every day we go for lots and lots of walks, I made really good friends with some cows that share my yard, and I have even been caught “cat napping” with my Siamese brother. My other kitty brother still is a bit wary of me, but I find that if he sleeps up by my moms face and I sleep by her feet, we can have a really good nap together. You can see my king size bed in some of my pictures, and I even let my dad squeeze in with me sometimes. That huge bed just isn’t big enough for all five of us so after a few weeks of sleeping with mom and dad while I got comfy here, I found the best place on a big cushioned couch to sleep at night. As soon as mom and dad go to work in the morning, I jump right in that bed though!!

They promise were going to come visit really really soon, but you might not even recognize me! I run around like a puppy, I have SO many favorite toys and I absolutely love to run around with my tennis ball. You can see my favorite camel in one of the pictures, I carry it around all day long and then bring it to mom and dad when they go to bed so they will keep it safe while I sleep. When I first got here, I had no idea what I was supposed to do with all these toys they kept giving me, but I got the hang of it now.

Harry-CarSee that picture with my eyes half closed? That’s me on the way home from Robinson’s Preserve, where we walked over three miles in nature with my Aunt’s Lab/boxer mix and mixed breed Leo and Lucky. Were friends now, even though they wanted to know why I had to stop and mark every single bush and branch and leaf we walked past. My mom laughed at all the funny things I did, and we had so much fun! I marched all around like a champ and didn’t even give a mean look to the hundreds of other dogs and people I met, although I did sniff lots of hands and butts. By the time we got to the car, I was pooped, so that’s why you see me half asleep in that picture.

My mom wants me to tell you that her and dad love me so so much they can’t imagine being without me because I make them so happy. Of course that doesn’t keep me from running away for a high speed romp once in a while, but I always make it back home. Now we have a new trick, where I sit and stay and don’t even move my tail until they say APPLE and then I know I am allowed to go running and I love this game! OH you should see the happy look on my mom’s face when I sit, stay, lay down and up up up!! We’re working on shake now. She loves it!

Dad got me a present last month, a doggie water fountain that we both think is SO cool, and mom brought me a little lamb toy that we call lambie and I will do ANYTHING to get lambie and camel at the same time! Anyway, it’s getting late and school starts again in the morning so mom says we have to go to bed so she can get up in time to get to Tampa. Thanks for taking care of me for so many years while my forever home was getting ready for me, I love it here!!


(JP and I love Harry SO much! He is just the best dog I can imagine and for all the little naughty habits we had to really try hard to work around we love him even more. Thank you so much, I can’t say it enough, for taking care of him until we could find him!! And a special thank you to Iris who has given us so much patience and so many clues as to how we should best handle each situation with our baby…yes he is our 7 year old baby.

He is SO good, especially considering that at first he was determined to pee in my kitchen, and now has not had an accident, or even been impatient to go out, in months. He has blossomed into such a wonderful dog, he is so incredibly playful and loving, he adores cuddling, gets jealous when anyone else gets attention, and nuzzles constantly if he doesn’t get enough attention while we sit on the couch!!! He is still shy with strangers, but with us, he is a whole new dog. Thank you a million times!!)