Happy tears for Xena!

We cried happy tears for our sweet Xena this week when Alyssa signed the adoption contract and officially made Xena a member of her family.
Xena was surrendered to Satchel’s earlier this year when her family was no longer able to care for her. Paralyzed and unable to sit up, we knew a special home and person would be needed for Xena. Xena went into foster care with one of our volunteer families, Caroline and Ralph, and her journey started. Xena’s appointment with neurologist, Dr. Levine, didn’t give much hope for medical treatment that would help Xena’s condition. Our next step was to contact Peter at the Sarasota Institute of Molecular Clavi-Therapy. After several sessions with Peter, Xena started to show improvement and the search for a forever home with someone able to continue with her therapy at home was underway.
In early August, Alyssa met Xena and felt she would be able to help her with therapy and give her all the attention and love this girl deserves. To make sure Xena would not prove to be more than Alyssa was willing to handle, Xena initially went home as a foster dog. It didn’t take Alyssa long to know Xena was meant to be with her. Last week, the adoption was made official and Alyssa and Xena became a forever family.
Thank you so much Alyssa for opening up your heart and your home to this special needs baby. Congratulations to you both!