Happy Landings for Tobie! Adoption followup – thank you Judy.
Simply put, Tobie has made my life complete. He has brought unimaginable joy into my life again! (I lost my own dog two years ago). Tobie loves to be outside, looking over his lake and barking at the ducks, ha ha! Which is great, because I work from home. He enjoys his 1.3-mile jogs in the morning (yep, at 13 yrs. old he wants to jog – not walk), and when it is cold, snuggling in the blankets on the sofa. For anyone looking to adopt a dog, I would ask them to look at adopting a senior. Tobie has the most gentle soul – he loves greeting the kids on their way to school each day. He brings everyone around him joy and love. I can’t thank Satchel’s enough for taking a senior dog that other rescues would turn away. Thanks also to the wonderful staff and volunteers at Satchels – you all made it possible for Tobie and I to find each other. Tobie and I are forever grateful!