Happy Landings to Suki – Adoption follow up.

Lourdes wasn’t planning to add a third cat to her family but she always had her eyes and heart open just in case. This time her daughter and grandchildren, who have two black cats of their own, saw beautiful Suki in the adoption room at Pet Supplies Plus and immediately called Lourdes. Lourdes decided to come over to meet Suki and fell in love with this “cute and spicy” little cat. She decided to adopt Suki with the hope that she would get along with her two cats, Max, age 14 and Maybe, age 12. Things are working out well and the three feline siblings calmly eat their meals together. Although Max and Maybe are not interested in playing with Suki, Max will let her hang out with him, while Maybe prefers her independence for now. While Suki and Maybe both love sleeping on the bed with Lourdes, she and Maybe take turns every other night so there is no jealousy over the bedtime ritual with Mom. Suki loves to sit at the window and watch the world go by and Lourdes refers to Suki as her beautiful and sweet “mini panther.”