Happy Landings to Shawnee – Adoption follow up.

Tasman’s senior cat had passed away and she was searching for a new buddy for her kitten, Mun-dee. She had always wanted a Manx cat as her Uncle is from the Isle of Man, which is where the Manx breed originated. Fortunately she was able to find a 4 month old Manx at Satchel’s and adopted her soon thereafter. Shawnee, now known as Jiji was a bit shy at first so when she first arrived home, Jiji would often hide under furniture. Slowly but surely she has become more comfortable with Tasman and with Mun-dee, her new friend. Jiji sometimes still gets nervous when she’s roaming around, but as soon as she gets up on the bed, she’s all purrs and head-butting your hands for pets on her head. Jiji and Mun-dee follow each other around and play together, but will spend most of their days curled up on the bed side by side. Another great forever home for this sweet kitten who will benefit greatly from Tasman’s love and patience!