Happy Landings for Willie – Adoption follow up.

Mike and his daughter had moved to Florida two years ago with their two senior dogs. Both dogs have passed away since and Mike had reached out to Satchels in his search for a new companion. They met a few dogs that didn’t quite fit their lifestyle, but shortly thereafter Michal Anne introduced them to Willie and they fell in love. Willie has a lot of energy; loves running around his back yard and is a superstar when it comes to playing ball. He enjoys a few walks every day and especially loves walking at the Celery Fields. Willie also likes to be the center of attention and playfully intervened one day on a Zoom Conference Call. He is learning that sometimes he needs to let Dad work and chill out until it’s playtime. Mike said that in addition to his spirited nature, Willie is also very gentle and loving and Mike commented that the saying “Who rescued Who” is a perfect description of their new life with Willie.