Happy Landings for Rumor!

Rumor, adopted a little over a month ago, has truly found her forever home and her adoption follow up story and photos bring tears to my eyes – so happy for this sweet girl who spent 6 years at Satchel’s. Thank you for the follow up Judy, and thank you Sarah for giving this girl such an amazing life.
Adoption Follow up:
Sarah’s dog Chloe had passed away four years ago, but with an infant son at the time, she was not ready to adopt. Jump ahead four years and Sarah had purchased a new house with a yard and began following social media this past April hoping to find the right dog for her family. She went out to Satchel’s to meet a dog that she had seen on Satchel’s Facebook but it was not the right fit. Sarah met a few more dogs, but she didn’t feel a connection to any in particular. Michal Anne had one more dog that she wanted Sarah to meet and it was an instant connection when she met sweet Rumor. It has turned out to be a super match and after 6 years at Satchel’s, Rumor has her very own home and adores her Mom and 4 year old son. Rumor’s favorite outside activity is jumping as high as she can to catch her ball and she will play this game as long as possible. Rumor spends lots of time with her family taking many car rides and gets plenty of walk time. When she has had enough exercise, she loves to chill out on the back porch couch. She is super lucky that she is able to go to work with Mom and is great with everyone she meets. Rumor looks forward to nights when her human brother gets a bedtime story. She lays down on his bed during story time and when he is safely tucked in for the night, Rumor retires to the big bed with Mom. However, sometime during the night, she goes in to check on him and when Mom gets up in the morning, Rumor is right there by his side sharing sweet dreams. Sarah is so happy that Rumor has come into their life and says she can’t imagine how they ever lived without her! Sarah says “Rumor was definitely the missing piece to their family”.