Happy Landings for Poppie!

Happy Landings for Poppie – adoption follow up!
Here’s what Dottie, Poppie’s new mom had to say.
“The year 2020 was difficult for everyone and for the first time in my life I experienced loneliness. I knew I had to do something positive and decided to foster. I had fostered in the past and preferred to care for the medically challenged, but I didn’t realize the challenge that was ahead of me.
Poppie and I met for the first time the day after Christmas. I knew nothing about her and I have to admit that she was not what I expected. She was wearing a knit sweater and dragging her hind legs behind her and I was in shock and afraid to pick her up. The minute she was in my arms she looked me square in the face and licked my nose. She hasn’t stopped since and I haven’t stopped holding her.
With the help and dedication of Peter, the acupuncturist and Erika, the physical therapist, who both volunteer their services, Poppie also known as “Little Girl,” is now able to stand up and take short walks in the house by herself. She is also able to walk outside with the aid of a harness, which I have modified to assist with her balance and strength. The “wee pads” are gone and she now goes outside to do her business; her doggy wheelchair having since been returned to Satchel’s .
Poppie and I are inseparable. She loves to go for car rides, shopping and visiting with my neighbors and their dogs.
I finalized her adoption in May and decided to share my birth date with Poppie. My daughter and granddaughters met us at Satchel’s and celebrated Poppie’s special day with several of the Satchel’s staff and volunteers. She is the sweetest and most loving “Little Girl!”
What a beautiful happy start to the rest of Poppie’s new life. Thank you so much Dottie!