Happy Landings for Loki – Adoption follow up.

Angela and her family had recently gotten a Pug puppy as their senior Pug had passed away last year. The family decided that they would like to have a companion for Stellie, but Angela realized that another puppy would be too much work. Her son had always wanted a cat so they decided to adopt a kitten. Angela met 3 1/2 month old Loki and felt that he would be the perfect playmate for Stellie and it is working out beautifully. Stellie adores her little feline brother and they spend lots of time playing and cuddling. Stellie is also trying to figure out how Loki gets up on that platform that Mom calls a “cat tree” as it looks like a lot of fun. When Loki is not romping with Stellie, he loves his human cuddle time and is so trusting that he lets Mom trim his nails with no fuss. Loki has brought lots of joy to his new family!