Happy Landings for Ducky Latte

Oksana and Marty’s pit/lab mix had passed away in 2020 and they were hoping to adopt a large dog again. But they had recently moved to a new home and learned that only small dogs were allowed. Oksana’s neighbor had told her about Satchel’s and she saw Ducky’s photo on line. She met him at his foster home and a match was made. Ducky had a rocky start but is doing much better now. Although Ducky is fine with meeting dogs, he is still unsure about meeting some new people. They are working on that and he is beginning to take treats from new friends. Oksana and Ducky take a 5 mile walk each morning which he loves and it helps to reduce his anxiety. He loves car rides and enjoys going to the park in the afternoon. He is always happy to see new dogs and one of his favorite buddies is a Mastiff who is very gentle with him. Ducky understands that he is a part of the family now and is feeling more confident every day. Oksana said that all he needed was a secure home and to know that he is loved!