Happy Landings for Abra (now Scooby) – adoption follow up.

Christine and Rich were looking for a dog who would get along with 9 year old Bella. Their Labrador had passed away and they were hoping that a younger more active dog might help Bella become more energetic. Abra, now known as Scooby, fit that description and although it took a little while for Bella to get used to her new brother, they are getting along now. She is not yet interested in his playfulness, but does enjoy those quieter times being his “couch buddy.” Scooby and Bella take separate walks for now since Scooby is a much more energetic walker. They have been working on leash training and Scooby is making progress staying focused and calm. He is very obsessed with searching out and chasing lizards in the back yard and is also making progress on learning to refocus and de-escalate. His crate training has been very successful and over time he has been able to stay quiet for longer periods. His new family adores him and Scooby is lucky that they are dedicated to giving him the love, patience, exercise and training that will help him thrive in his forever home.