We love happy landing stories from our adopters. This one recently received from the Avery and Pouncer home makes our hearts sing picturing these kitties living the good life after spending so long living in a shelter environment.
“Both Pouncer and Avery are doing well. Avery has really come out of her shell and has quite the personality! She is very sweet and loving and follows us around the house constantly. Pouncer has taken a bit longer to get comfortable in her new home, but is starting to come out of her shell a bit as well. She has really taken to my 15-year-old daughter and pretty much lives in her room and only hangs out with her (although she will let everyone else pet her). Pouncer is getting to be very sweet sometimes, but she gets annoyed very quickly and will definitely let you know she’s annoyed. Lol! Pouncer and Avery are starting to tolerate each other a lot more than before. Avery very obviously wants to be friends and will go looking for Pouncer and will follow her around, but Pouncer still isn’t sold on the idea, lol. But they will hang out in the same room together now without a fight breaking out. Baby steps. Attached are some recent photos of Pouncer and Avery living the good life.”
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