These 2 senior girls are extremely happy to have so much love in their life from the staff and volunteers at Satchel’s but their dream is to have loving, forever homes of their own. They came to Satchel’s as young dogs many years ago and have been with us the longest time of our non-sanctuary dogs. Combined they have a total of 6,745 days of calling Satchel’s their home. That’s holiday after holiday spent in a shelter. These beautiful souls are so loving and want nothing more than to share that love with their own family. They need to be the only four-legged members of their families but with all the love each has to share, you don’t need any other pets.
Cookie and Brooke are looking for separate families, they are not a pair. The only thing they have in common is they have each spent over 3,300 days at Satchel’s. If you have no other pets and are looking for some love, please submit an application form (no commitment) found on our website,, and make an appointment to meet one or both of these sweethearts. Maybe your home will be either Cookie’s or Brooke’s home for the next holiday. Dreams do come true.