Well, all 3 of us have been together for over 24 hours and it’s a wonderful experience all round. Einstein visited my office this morning and behaved like the perfect gentleman. All the ladies are in love with him :>)) We took him to Petsmart and we walked around and he behaved beautifully while we picked up a can of the citronella repellent. We also made some new friends in Petsmart.

EinsteinThen we went to the Phillippi Creek farmers’ market and did a little shopping. He met several other 4-legged friends. The 2-legged friends couldn’t believe he was a rescue dog. Einstein impressed them so much that one of the couple’s is going to go on-line to see if they can find his clone :>))

We finished the morning with lunch at Panera’s and we couldn’t believe how Einstein just sat under the table and watched the world go by while we ate. Nothing distracted him enough to misbehave or carry on in any way whatsoever. He never barked; jumped, growled—just remained his sweet self.

He is an absolute darling and if we were to rename him we’d call him Wonder Dog because that’s what he is. He is the sweetest; most loving doggy we could ever hope for. We wanted to let you know just how very much Michael and I cherish him. He’s met two of our neighbor dogs and he’s better behaved than the girl a couple of doors down. :>)) What a guy!

Big hugs to the two of you for doing such a good job with Einstein and the other pets that need love and attention. You are to be admired.

Val & Mike