Like many dogs in Florida, Chipper Lou was suffering from extreme storm phobia to the point where her owners were no longer able to deal with the anxiety in the home and were boarding her at Ace Pet Resort while they made a decision about what would be best for Chipper Lou. Some of our volunteers had met Chipper Lou and felt in the right home her anxiety would ease somewhat and become manageable, so Chipper Lou became a member of the Satchel’s family. Fast forward 6 weeks and along came Steven who immediately connected with Chipper Lou and decided to invite her to become his companion. Chipper Lou has been in her new home for a week now and is enjoying sunbathing in the yard when they are not out visiting friends at local parks and restuarants. Steven is focusing on getting her appropriate exercise and their connection seems to get stronger every day. He tells us she still gets nervous when a storm is on the horizon but she seeks her new friend out for reassurance. Congratulations Steven and Chipper Lou! Thank you LeadSRQ and Ace Pet Resort for helping this girl along her journey to a new forever home.