In Memory Of


Weimaraner / Male / Born May 1998 Elmo came to us from Weimaraner rescue. His original owners had a baby and he became jealous and started nipping. That behavior led to him being dropped off ... continue reading


Hound mix / Male / Born January 1996 / 35 pounds We have absolutely no idea how Bishop survived being dumped on the beach in Miami. He is afraid of everything – and will totally ... continue reading


Dalmatian/Lab mix / Female / Born August 1999 – June 20, 2012 Pepper was a deaf dog who was rescued from one abusive situation only to end up in another. Her rescuer brought her to ... continue reading


Rednose Pit Bull Terrier Mix / Male / April 1998 – September 17, 2011 Bud, one of Satchel’s long time Residents passed away on Sept. 17, 2011 in his sleep. Bud was loved by everyone ... continue reading


Terrier/Lab Mix / Female / November 1997 – August 13, 2011 Sweet, little Nala was the son’s dog. Mom and dad split up; the son went to college and Nala ended up with dad. Dad ... continue reading


Shar Pei / Male / Born April 1999 / Passed away on April 27, 2010 Baxter’s mom had to give him up on orders from her family. He bit them once too often and it ... continue reading

Care Bear

Shepherd mix / Male / Passed away April 2010 Care Bear was very picky. He didn’t like or trust too many people. Those he did, were rewarded with an almost puppy-like companion who gave kisses ... continue reading


Pit Bull Terrier/Boxer MixFemale / Born July 2008/ Passed away on April 17, 2010 Do you know a dog like Diamond? We hope that Diamond’s devastating story, here below, will make you all think twice ... continue reading


Miniature Schnauzer / Male / Born July 1993 / Passed away June 2010 Drummer was one of three little terriers owned and loved by a woman who was losing her 20 year battle with breast ... continue reading


Keeshond mix / Female / Born in 2000 / lb Precious was always ready to meet someone new and go for a walk. She absolutely adored people.She waited patiently for someone to take her home ... continue reading