Be Our Hero

Be Our Hero

How Your Sponsorship Gift Helps

Satchel’s Animal Shelter and Sanctuary is a special place that is a home between homes for more than 100 animals on any given day. Pets here stay as long as the need is there, receiving plenty of love and companionship until they find loving families of their own. Your sponsorship, regardless of size, helps us in support of our mission to Rescue, Rehab and Rehome dogs and cats with nowhere else to go because of breed, behavior or medical issues.

We offer many levels of sponsorship through our Be Our Hero Program. You can Be Our Hero by monthly sponsoring any adoptable pet at the Shelter/Sanctuary. Your recurring pet sponsorship helps animals find loving homes, providing the animals with daily care and on-going medical needs until they are adopted. Your sponsorship gift supports the work of Satchel’s Last Resort with their Rescue-Rehab-Rehome program. To assist the greatest number of animals in need, and to make sure your gift does the most good, your donation will be used in combination with other sponsorship gifts to help save the lives of animals.

You can Be Our Hero by sponsoring one of our special projects needed to maintain our facility, keeping it safe and enjoyable for the dogs and cats, staff and volunteers.

Sponsorships are currently be worked on. Please check back in a few days.