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Wish List Items of the Month

Bernie is asking for soft treats please!

Bernie beside a cart filled with soft treats.

Bernie is pretty happy about the soft treats currently available for sharing with all 50+ dogs at Satchel's but want's to remind people that all his buddies (and of course Bernie himself) get out 4 times a day and always have a treat waiting for them when they return. That's a lot of treats everyday and our cupboard often looks pretty sparse. We love hard treats such as Milk Bones also, but many of the dogs are older or have dental issues and really need the soft ones.

For your convenience, treats can be donated and delivered directly to Satchel's through our wishlists found on Amazon, and DOGPerfect.

Animal Updates

Congratulations to Wrigley and his new family!

Sweet Wrigley outgrew his home and found himself at Satchel’s in the new year. It only took a couple of weeks before Mary and George ...

So excited, Munchin and Kodi have hit the jackpot!

Congratulations to our special needs kitties Kodi and Munchkin on their new forever home with Deb, a past adopter of several of our cats. Thank ...

Recent News

A huge shout out and thank you to the Skull Dogs RC!

The Skull Dogs r.c. is a motorcycle club of delightful women with huge hearts and a love for animals. In addition to weekly get togethers ...

Aqua-Tots Swim Group volunteer at Satchel’s!

Several members of the Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Sarasota came out to volunteer this past weekend. Still playing “out with the old and in with the ...

Bernie is looking for soft treats please!

Bernie is pretty happy about the soft treats currently available for sharing with all 50+ dogs at Satchel’s but want’s to remind people that all ...

Celebrate your birthday with Satchel’s!

Satchel’s loves celebrating birthdays and we are so grateful that so many of you chose to include us in your birthday celebrations this past year! ...

Satchel’s Last Resort is a no-kill animal shelter/sanctuary whose mission is to Rescue, Rehab and Rehome dogs and cats with nowhere else to go because of breed, behavior or medical issues.

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