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Wish List Items of the Month

We love our Friskies Shreds!

Our June donation of the month is canned cat food. Draco and his cat room buddies love their canned Friskies Shreds or DOGPerfect Health Extensions every day. For ease of ordering and delivery, visit our Amazon and/or DOGPerfect wishlists.

Please visit our Amazon Wishlist and don't forget to use Amazon Smile with Satchel's Last Resort selected as your charity of choice for any of your personal Amazon purchases.

For food-related donations, you may also shop on the DOGPerfect wishlist and DOGPerfect will match your donation to Satchel's Last Resort — DOGPerfect Bonus Wishlist Wish List on Amazon  | View All Wish List Items

Animal Updates

Congratulations to Chong!

Chong and his canine brother joined our Satchel’s family after their person passed away. We kenneled these senior dudes together but noticed over time they ...

Meet Louis!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who will be waiting by the door for you when you come home? Someone who is happy to ...

Recent News

More bandanas out today for the sponsored dogs!

Frasier, Niles, Scarlett, Lorenzo and Zig Zag are sending woofs out to their sponsors. They are so excited to see the pail of goodies on ...

Spencer has been sponsored!

Pictured here trying on his beach attire in preparation for the party! Help our kitties celebrate Satchel’s Birthday which is coming up on September 3rd! ...

Help our kitties celebrate Satchel’s Birthday which is coming up on September 3rd!

The free-roaming cat room is slowly getting decorated as sponsorships come in and will remain so until after the birthday party. It brings joy to ...

We use PetFX products!

When it comes to Topical Medicated Sprays, Porter always turns to TRIoX from Pet FX. It helps with skin rashes, sores and much more! Chewie ...

Satchel’s Last Resort is a no-kill animal shelter/sanctuary whose mission is to Rescue, Rehab and Rehome dogs and cats with nowhere else to go because of breed, behavior or medical issues.

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