Satchel's Last Resort


Want to help, but you are unable to adopt? The solution: SPONSOR A DOG! Download our SPONSORSHIP FORM. Click on the photos below to find out more about each resident available for sponsorship.

BOINGO: Shepherd mix / Male / Born February 2002 Boingo was found as a puppy, covered with ticks, laying in a parking lot in Miami, very near death. Cars were parking around him and people were walking over him. No one seemed to even notice he was there. Remarkably, someone from Satchel's was in Miami that day; he scooped up this poor dog and got him to a local vet. A few weeks later, Boingo came to live with us and became a therapy dog visiting patients at a local hospital. He's now retired, living the good life in the house with Mike and Page, the owners of Satchel's.
DRU: Pit-boxer mix / Female / Born July 1998 / 50 pounds Drusilla (Dru) came from the Humane Society in Sarasota County. She was brought there because she had attacked a neighbor's dog - which didn't help in getting her adopted. Everyone there absolutely loved her, though, so they called and asked if we would take her. She is absolutely great with people, but doesn't like too many other dogs.
GOOBER: Pit-boxer mix / Male / Born in April 2004 / 60 pounds Goober was dumped near a children's preschool. He hung around for a few days and then finally jumped in the car of a mother waiting there for her children. She had no way to keep him so she called us. Goober is the sweetest dog with people, but he has a split personality when it comes to getting along with other dogs.
POKEYMAN: Mini Dachshund/Long Haired Chihuahua Mix / Male / Born /15 lbs Pokeyman is anthing but pokey. He loves to walk and loves to run around the yard. His absolute favorite activity is to chase lizzards. Pokeyman's previous owner passed away, and until then, he was a lap dog. We think, with the right home and training, he could become a pampered pooch again. Strangers and high activity level cause him to become a protective superdog. This can be frightening to people who don't know him, so we are working on meeting new people and being exposed to different things. He is, we believe, a mix between a mini-dachshund and a long-haired chihuahua and is as cute as a bug in a rug. With the right home, Pokeyman could become a terrific lap dog. If you understand small breeds, and can put in the time to earn his trust, live in a quiet household with limited activity going on, once we feel he is ready, he may be the dog for you.
SPIKE: Lab/Terrier mix / Male / Born May 1995 Spike was a Miami street dog who endured all kinds of abuse from neighborhood gangbangers. We scooped took him in on the eve of a major hurricane and never took him back. He's blind as a result of a tick bite, but he lives with another dog who acts as his eyes. He is an inspiration to all of us.
SCRUFFY: Dachshund mix / Female / Born June 1998 / 20 pounds When my husband first saw Scruffy, she was running out into traffic trying to save her puppy from being hit by a passing car. She grabbed her puppy and ran for it, but she got nicked by the car and thrown into the roadside ditch. My husband stopped, scooped both of them up and brought them home. Scruffy is a frisky little dog who doesn't quite get the fact that she is the smallest four-legged in the house.
SHERMAN: American Staffordshire Bull Terrier / Male / Born November 2005 Sherman - referring to the tank - came from Manatee County Animal Services. Who ever had him wanted him to fight; he was having no part of it, so they threw him away. He's very afraid of cords and hoses, so he was probably hit with those in an attempt to make him mean. He is wonderfully sweet to those he trusts; we'll keep him with us forever.
SLURPEE: Shar Pei mix / Female / Born May 1998 We found Slurpee in a dumpster outside of a 7-11 (get it? Slurpee?). She was 8 lbs and furless. At first, we thought she was a rat. She was covered with fleas, ticks, and mange. Also, at some point in her short life, she had been kicked hard enough to shatter he hip socket. Our vet gave her very little chance of surviving. She survived, grew a thick coat of fur and hops around like a bunny. While she is cranky with just about everyone else, she is a lovable hunk with us.
PATCHES: Border Collie Mix / Male / Born/ 60 lbs If you look up the word flashy in the dictionary, a picture of Patches would be front and center. He is a gorgeous, black and white border collie mix who suffers from low self confidence and trust in people. His introductions to people and other dogs require a bit of warm up time, but once he warms up to you, he will play all day long with the boundless energy of the young. For those he trusts, kisses are forthcoming along with a velcro side-by-side walk. He looks longingly every time a dog leaves, but hasn't developed enough trust in anyone for him to go. Will you be the one who could foster trust with this beautiful dog?
SASHA "GLUNKY" : German Shepherd / Female / Born June 2000 Glunky spent the first two years of her life locked in a crate. Her first rescuers had to get her therapy to learn to walk. She is terrified of thunder and other loud noises. Those same rescuers worked diligently to incorporate her into their family of dogs, but when they realized it was never going to work they talked with their vet who recommended they give her to us. She is thriving here; she loves chasing squeaky footballs and splashing around in our kiddy swimming pools.
TY: Mix / Male / Born November 2009 / 40 lbs Ty was rescued from a horribly abusive situation and brought to Satchel’s where he will live out his life surrounded by people who love him.
WILL: Cairn Terrier Mix / Male / Born / 10 lbs Will is the newest member of our rehabilitative program. He is a Cairn Terrier mix who may have been in a puppy mill in his previous life. He seems to be a happy, little dog, but has no real interest in interacting with humans. He may have experienced some trauma from a groomer, since he is very sensitive around his face and shoulders. He lived at another rescue where no one ever ask to meet him. He came to Satchel's to see if we could work our magic. He is crate trained and walks nicely on a leash, but the bond most dogs develop with humans in puppyhood seems to be missing. He is very fearful of most people and we are working on a daily basis to show him what love and care can accomplish. He has a way to go, but we are confident love, caring and training will allow the true nature of this cute terrier to shine through.
MISSY: American Pit Bull mix / Female / Born May 2007 Missy aka Prego was found by the side of the road. We all thought she was very pregnant and due to have puppies at any moment (therefore the name Prego). When we took her to the vet it turned out she was not pregnant at all. She was the second worst heart worm positive dog the vet had ever seen. Her belly was so huge because it was filled with blood and serum. That has now been emptied but the heart worm did mess her body up quite bad so the poor girl will probably spend the rest of her life taking a heavy load of medications. She gets out of breath really easy but she loves to go for car rides and for short walks. When she gets tired, she sits down and we snuggle and look at the surroundings for a while before we continue.
JORDY: Doberman mix / Male / Born November 2000 Jordy is a ball virtuoso - if you throw it, he'll catch it- it's what he lives for. He's a great dog who was, unfortunately, part of a bad experience.
PANDA: Lab mix / Female / December 2002 / 55 pounds Panda was almost dead from heat exhaustion when my husband found her wandering on the side of a secondary highway. He got out of his car, stretched out his arms and she walked right into them without even lifting her head. She was only weeks old, so Michael searched for her mother or her litter mates, but she seemed to be alone in the world. Panda loves life, other dogs, kids, cats, and people. She also loves every inanimate object she can reach or eat. She is now one of the dogs who lives inside with me and my husband.
BORIS & NATASHA: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mixes / Male and Female/ Born 2003 / 40-50 pounds A guy from Pelican Man Rescue saw these two running down Main Street in Sarasota. He rounded them up, took them to a vet to get them healthy and brought them to us. They are a rough and tumble twosome; they love playing with each other – and all the two-leggeds here absolutely adore them. They are, however, not used to strangers so we are working on that, in order to make them adoptable.
FLAPS: Doberman mix / Male / Born December 1999 / 65 pounds We bought Flaps from a group of kids who had him hog-tied and were going to drag him behind their truck. Though we stopped it before it began, Flaps has never really recovered from that experience. He's very loving with us, but totally untrusting and quite vocal with all others.
JILLY: Rat Terrier Mix / Female / Born July 2001 We went looking for Jilly after receiving a call about a little dog wandering around a friend's neighborhood. When we found her, it was obvious she'd been hit by a car, so we immediately took her to our vet. Jilly is fine now, but because of her injuries, she'll snarl and possibly bite if she is picked up. We tried to find her owner, but no one claimed her despite ads in the papers and signs in the neighborhood. She loves to sit on top of her kennel and chew rawhides.
INDIANA JONES: Mastiff Boxer Mix / Male / Born January 2007 Indiana Jones loves to run and play. If you throw a toy for him he will not bring it right back to you but he will come very close. He will then let you have it, so you can throw it again. When he has had enough, he likes to lay down next to you and chew on it. He is so cute then, because he keeps snuggling up to you. Unfortunately, he gets too protective in a home environment and therefore he will probably continue living here at Satchel's.
CECO: American Pit Bull Terrier / Female / Born September 2003/ 50 lbs Right before a hurricane was due to come ashore, we got a call about this guy in Orlando who had to get out of his house that very day, and by the way, his four pit bulls need a home also. We took in Ceco and and another one (who is not with us any longer); two absolutely beautiful dogs. Ceco is great with everyone who helps us here, but she is very wary of strangers and will therefore live with us forever.

Frank R. Raniolo, Santa Cruz, CA
Has made a sponsorship donation towards Patches
In Loving Memory of Checkers

Stephen & Susan Barry, Sarasota, FL
In Loving Memory of Mike & Cheryl Durling’s beloved dog, Murphy

Jeff and Anna Heck, Sarasota, FL
In Honor of their dog, Dexter

Pamela Peplow, Sarasota, FL
In Honor of Harley
In Loving Memory of Cheyenne and Sushi

Cherie Gorenstein, Sarasota, FL
Cherie is sponsoring Flaps and Scruffy in honor of her Border Collie, Dixie.

The Gionfriddo Family, Bradenton, FL
Christie, Gregg, Hunter & Kaley Gionfriddo are sponsoring Roscoe

David and Virginia Griese, Bradenton, FL
David and Virginia are sponsoring Eva in honor of their pets Midnite and Eva

Debra and Ron Accomando, Naples, FL
In honor of Page Knoebel
I am a high school friend of Page. It is with pride and temendous respect I make this donation in honor of Page, and all one has done and continues to do for the cause. Also in memory of my dearly beloved yellow lab Tucker.

Carol & Gary Frick
They have done so in the memory of their own Irish Setters over the last 40 years:Rascal, Champ, Cody, Chelsea & Clancy.

Nancy & Lonie Buchner, Osprey, FL
Nancy and Lonie are sponsoring Boris and Natasha in memory of their dog Jodi.

Katie Bishop & Mark Hendrix, Sarasota, FL
Katie and Mark are sponsoring Missy in Memory of Mark Hendrix’ pet, Blanco.

Rhys Miller, Sarasota, FL
Rhys is sponsoring Spike (whose resiliency is an inspiration) in Honor of Kathy Berry – Champion of Underdogs. Happy Birthday Kathy!

Margaret Mary Moynagh, Somerset, MA
Margaret is sponsoring Sherman in loving memory of Joslyn Moynagh .

Virginia & David, Bradenton, FL
Virgina and David are sponsoring Eva

Nicki, Robert, Sarah & Tim, Sarasota, FL
Nicki, Robert, Sarah & Tim are sponsoring Sherman in Honor of Jennifer Hummel. “This is in honor of our great friend Jennifer. Great friend not only to us but to all animals.” Happy Birthday!

A friend has donated $100 in memory of Ronnie; beloved cat of Laura Miguel and Pete

Lori, Rosemary & Michael Kotlowski, Calumet City, IL
Lori, Rosemary & Michael are sponsoring Scruffy in Memory of their two dogs, Gizmo & Lassie and their cat, B.J.

Gary & Shay Repetti, Clearwater, FL
Gary and Shay are sponsoring Slurpee in Memory of Mina – one special Rottweiler. This wonderful couple has also adopted one of our special Rottweilers, Princess.

Hannah & Sara McCurry, Sarasota, FL
Hannah is sponsoring Scruffy and Sara is sponsoring Flaps.

Katie Kirwin, Sarasota, FL
Katie is sponsoring Drummer in Memory of her beloved dog, Sammy, and cat, Fiona.

Melanie Newby, Sarasota, FL
Melanie is sponsoring good old Bud.

Robin Weiner Kirk & Lucy Weiner, Hollywood, FL
Robin and her dog, Lucy, (who she adopted from Satchel’s a long time ago – before it was even named Satchel’s) have dedicated a sponsorship to the wonderful job the shelter is doing.

Ed & Dee Dee Giblin, Chicago, IL
Ed and Dee Dee are sponsoring our long time resident, Flaps.

An anonymous sponsorship has been made in Memory of FARLEY.

In loving memory of Joslyn Moynagh, Fall River, MA
Joslyn loved animals very much. In honor of her memory four of Satchel’s long time residents; Baxter, Drummer, Missy and Spike have been named her sponsored dogs.

Jessica Liv Lahaie, Naples, FL
Jessica has made a sponsorship in honor of her Catahoula Leopard Hound, Delmar, who looks just like Satchel’s long time resident, Pepper.

John & Toby Barfield, Sarasota, FL
John and Toby have made a sponsorship in the memory of their pet Pepper.

Lisa Davis, Bradenton, FL

Lisa & Joshua McClure, Bradenton, FL
Lisa and Joshua have made a sponsorship in honor of their dogs, Lucky & Red McClure.

Joseph A Riccio, Port Charlotte, FL
Joseph sponsored his own dog Joey, who he for unfortunate reasons had to place at Satchel’s. Joseph loves Joey and misses him very much. Joey has since then been adopted by a wonderful woman.